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Consultants are a dime a dozen (plus customer travel expenses, of course).

Why then, since 1993, have so many organizations chosen Jack Rahaim Consulting to help them with their mission-critical programs? We're told it's because we deliver what the client wants, as they want it, when they want it. Our clients tell us that our unique, flexible approach, specially tailored to each organization and each situation, works better and faster than the way in which huge, one-size-fits-all consulting firms approach their work. That's why our clients bring us back time and time again as they continue to adapt to new challenges. In fact, our very first client has retained us since 1993 based on the results they’ve achieved from our work.

Read what our clients say about us and then, if you’d like to achieve the same kinds of results, contact us today to discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals.

What we're working on these days:

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I am beginning my 8th and 9th offering of a master’s level Leadership course at NYU. My students are from the US, China, Lebanon, Taiwan, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Greece, Puerto Rico, Argentina, India, Colombia, Haiti, Oman and many other countries. Our classroom has become its own melting pot and it’s wonderful to see enduring friendships forming between my students.

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Innovation! File this under ‘what goes around, comes around’: When Jack Rahaim Consulting first began in 1993, our primary focus was on assisting organizations as they endeavored to become more strategic and more effective…essentially helping them to innovate both strategically and operationally. Over the past year, especially in health care, organizations have ratcheted up their efforts to not only become more innovative but to be able to showcase that innovation in immersive, participative settings. We’ve been working to help clients envision, design and implement Innovation Centers showing how changes in processes and technology (hand held devices, smart phones, smart watches, etc.) are making a difference for them and their customers.

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Continuing a 23 year relationship with the Baylor Health Care System, we are now working with the recently merged entity in areas of helping to define their combined Value Proposition, process redesign, innovation, education and care delivery.

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A joint venture between Centura Health and Panorama Orthopedic & Spine Center, OrthoColorado Hospital has engaged us to help them define their Vision and Strategic Plan for the next 5 years.
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The STEEEP Global Institute was formed to leverage the expertise and experience of Baylor Health Care System to assist other healthcare organizations in improving healthcare quality. Jack Rahaim has worked with the highly talented staff of SGI in helping them create a strategy, as well as to help them frame and package their offerings. Most recently he’s helping to design and facilitate a course for Board Members relating to their role in achieving Quality and Safety for their organizations and techniques for driving these efforts.

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A leading provider in the Frisco, CO region, we are helping create a Strategic Plan for a sustainable future.

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We’re working with OASIS Hospital in Phoenix, AZ helping them craft a sustainable Vision and Strategic Plan.

What makes us so effective at helping clients solve difficult problems? First of all, we excel at helping the client untangle the symptoms of organizational problems from their root causes. For example:

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The secret to our success is that we believe that for any solution to be successful, it has to be created by the people who not only understand the problems and the opportunities, but who will be charged with its implementation.

Gather the right people together, give them a clear understanding of what you want them to do, and we'll guide them through gaining a systemic understanding of the problems and opportunities; we'll dig into the root causes of those problems and guide them through creating a sustainable set of strategies and solutions. This isn't just an academic theory, but a time-proven set of principles and methods that we have applied successfully with groups hundreds of times over the past 20 years. The secret: get the right people in the room, provide them with a methodology and facilitation and then marvel at the results. The way we'll work together is that you set the outcomes, we'll assist you in deciding who should be in the room, we'll create the methodology and facilitate the group, and you'll get the results you desire. Not 'rocket surgery', but our clients tell us that we get results where others have failed and they rave about the outcomes.

Skeptical? Read what our clients have to say about our work.

You’ll see the breadth and depth of the work we do and, as we say in New York, when we work with you, it won't be our first rodeo. You can read more about the work we’ve done with clients by clicking on the icon grid below to see a full list of our clients and what we've done to help them:

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Contact us now and we can discuss the issues you're dealing with and how we can help.

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