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Our Work With Clients Includes:
  • Creating a Shared Vision and Integrated Set of Strategies to achieve that Vision;
  • Designing/Re-designing Processes to support and achieve the organization's Vision, Strategies and Goals;
  • Creating a realistic plan to achieve the above;
  • Moderating difficult situations/conversations with key members of the organization;
  • Helping Clients solve difficult problems...
What makes a problem difficult?
  • Usually, there is not one right, clear answer or choice;
  • Reaching a true consensus by stakeholders is not only desirable, it's critical;
  • The stakeholders view the situation as a zero sum game: if someone gains an advantage, the assumption is that it's at the expense of someone else or their organization;
  • Occasionally, the problem itself is not difficult, but discussing it is tricky without outside help:
    • The decision(s) at hand are loaded with emotional baggage;
    • Status and/or perceived status in the organization trumps good ideas from surfacing from the group;
    • Intimidation, either explicit or implicit, keeps members of the group from speaking freely.
    • The domain or topic is one that the group has little or no history with; Strategic Planning often falls into this category.
    • The group behaves differently when there is an outside facilitator guiding them. There's more listening, less acting out and more of a sense of trying to solve the problem at hand.

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